UltimateStraw’s goal is to eliminate plastic waste in our water systems. Single-use plastic items have negative effects on our environment and our health. By replacing plastic straws with the UltimateStraw, we can eliminate the pollution created by production as well as waste.

Join us in a global movement to eliminate plastic drinking straws from our cities, bars, restaurants, oceans, and beaches. Simply request “no straw” at bars & restaurants and use your UlitmateStraw instead!

To show our commitment to the fight against ocean pollution, UltimateStraw will donate $1 for every straw sold to organizations that are involved in cleaning up our oceans.

Single-use plastic straws kill ocean life

Every day, the average person uses and disposes of more than 4 singlep-use plastic straws. This means that that the global population uses enough straws to wrap around the Earth 5.7 times every day.

Pollution of the environment

Single-use plastic straws are light enough that they can be easily sucked out to sea and into our oceans. Plastic straws do now decompose, they just break down into smaller pieces and are harming our environment.