The main goal of the UltimateStraw is to eliminate plastic waste in our water systems. Single use plastic items not only have an effect on our environment but also have an effect on our health. By replacing plastic straws with the UltimateStraw, we can eliminate the pollution process of production as well as waste.

Join us in a global movement to eliminate plastic drinking straws from our cities, bars, oceans and beaches. Simply request “no straw” at bars & restaurants and use your UlitmateStraw.

To show our initiative towards the fight against ocean pollution , UltimateStraw will donate 1$ for every straw sold to organizations that are involved in cleaning up our oceans.



Using the UltimateStraw is the easiest way you can help the environment. Get yours today and be part of the change.

The UltimateStraw

You can use it as many time as you want. It is easy to clean and you can bring it with you everywhere


The UltimateStraw will allow you to contribute in fighting water pollution by eliminating the need to use disposable straws.

Make a difference

Every UltimateStraw sold will replace over 500 plastic straws from polluting our environment per Year.

Buy More to Save More

How It Work ? 


Step : 1

Ultimatestraw fits on your key chain so you can bring it with you every where you go.

Step : 2

UltimateStraw is collapsable therefore no assembly required. Just pull it out of its carying case and extend the straw for use.

Step : 3

Enjoy your beverage with the UltimateStraw with a clean conscious knowing you are making a difference!

Product Spec 

Straw Material : 

Body : 

100% Stainless steel. 

Tubing : Medical-grade TPE Operating.

Temperature is -55° to 95°C.

Dishwasher safe. 

Case : 

100% Recycled ABS. 

Squeegee Cable : 

100% Stainless.

Steel Cleaning Head : 

Medical-grade TPE Silicone.




Q: I just ordered my UltimateStraw. Whats Next?

A: Our sales team will send you an order confirmation notification via email once the order has been processed and is ready for shipping.

Q: What Shipping Delay Should I expect ?

A: Take 1-3 Days to process Order, 5-8 Days Shipping Delay For North America. 

Q: What Shipping Delay Should I expect for International Order ?

A: Take 1-3 Days to process Order, 5-14 Days Shipping Delay For International . 

Q: How do you clean the UltimateStraw ?

A: Every UltimateStraw comes with its own cleaning tools that can be found in the UltimateStraw carrying case.




Q: Does the UltimateStraw come with a warranty?

A: The team at UltimateStraw strongly believe in our product. This being said we are offering customers a lifetime guarantee. If you ever have issues with your straw we will replace it for free.

Q: What’s your return policy?

A: UltimateStraw is 100% committed to providing our customers the best buying process possible. We strongly believe that the UltimateStraw properly represents its name and is the Ultimate Straw. However if for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, you will be given a 100% refund.



Plastic Straw killing the ocean 

4.6 Straw is used per day per person The world use enough Straw to wrap the earth 5.7 time every day. 

Environment Pollution 

Plastic Straw are so lightweight that can flote easely and head out to the sea where it harm all the ocean wildlife.

Never Ever recyclable 

Plastic Straws will never ever be recyclable they do not decompose and they are I big mess for our ocean and land where they are hard top clean.