UltimateStraw is in search of individuals or companies that want to represent UltimateStraw while spreading the word on plastic pollution to continue the fight to keep our oceans clean!

We are looking for people to share our products on social media and in their communities. If you think you have what it takes to make a positive change for the good of our oceans, then register today!

The Plastic Straw Ban is a growing movement and now is the time to seize the opportunity!

The UltimateStraw ambassador program is easy to join. You will earn  10% commission on every sale that is completed using your referral link. We will also donate $1 to organizations that are fighting for the clean water cause.

How it can benefit you

    • Earn 10% commission on every successful purchase that uses your referral link.
    • Get discounts on your own UltimateStraw.
    • We will donate $1 to organizations fighting to keep our oceans clean under your name.

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